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Phil’s Ebro River monster

I write fishing guide books – covering fly, sea and coarse fishing, about Spain, France and Portugal. My web page provides free fishing maps of Spain, free to download press articles, and twelve fishing guide books: www.spainfishing.com

Nothing compares to ordering a pint of Guiness – a favourite drink, in my local Romford pub and nothing compares to a two week holiday spent fishing for carp at my local lake in Dagenham, East London (UK).

I have spent time fishing for Bighead carp in north east China in 2010 and drunk the local whiskey. 2018 is the Chinese year of the dog, which brings good fortune to those born in that year.

But the quest continues, to organise more fishing downtime. Fishing Ben El Quidaine lake, in Morocco, for virgin carp, with friends, in 2007 was a wonderful experience. 2017 was a very cool time, spent ice fishing in Poland for perch and pike.

Innumerable fishing experiences, and road trips are described in  blog entries shown on the homepage menu – to left. You can ask me any question you like, email: philippembroke007@hotmail.com

Ice fishing in Poland

Poland’s secret winter fishing destinations uncovered – where only locals dare to tread

Maciej drills a hole while Marek enjoys a beer, at a frozen lake in Borowina, south east Poland.
Piotr, making his miniature lure selection
Wlodek prowls the hole
keeping the hole clear is important
ice fishing at Borowina gets results. Maciej with a monster perch
Further ice fishing lures – we switched between lures to attract the fish
ice fishing rods, less than 35 cm long, short enough to jiggle a lure through an ice hole
Phil keeping warm, it’s not a casual pose, the beer bottle is frozen to his glove
straight from the ice hole, a fish for Phil
Phil’s little beauty, a perch
Piotr and Wlodek get ready to fish. Czarny Piotrus pizza bar (Pulawy’s premier sports bar destination)

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Fishing the Curzon Line; the Bug River, on Poland’s border with Belarus

Tricky fishing close to our lodge
Peter avoids a tree further downstream
The magnificent four
Two on the edge
Adrian’s bream catch
For the pot
Setting off on our maiden voyage, we were soon into the swing of things
Encountering a migrant, attempting the Bug River crossing into Poland
Made it! Celebrating with locals, safely ensconced within Poland’s borders
Requesting urgent back up
It soon arrives, plumb vodka
Beaver lodge

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Salmon fishing in Asturias, northern Spain

Free fishing section of Cares Deva River
Hook bait for salmon fishing comprising two common garden earthworms tipped with a cooked prawn
Free fishing salmon and trout stretch of Sella River just upstream from Cano
We stayed at Hotel La Salmonera in Cano and noticed this lucky angler
Bodega Del Dobra restaurant is situated a few kilometres north of Caño. Barnado the proprietor poured a bottle of ‘sidre’ (local cider) from above his head into my small glass to create a natural fizz that I knocked back in fifteen small measures
Wide, shallow glides, In the vicinity of Arriondas, afford ample room to wade and cast a fly to the many small trout, my fishing buddy John managed to attract one small brown trout in the current on a Mepps number two spinning lure. A ‘chucharilla’ (large spoon lure) will hold its own in faster, shallow runs.
The most famous landmark on the Sella River is a large weir with a fish ladder, called an ‘escala’, that’s located opposite Hotel la Salmonera in Caño, it’s signposted “Estacion de Desove de Salmones” (salmon spawning station)
A selection of fly lures used to catch trout and sea trout in Asturias
The correct bait fishing method is to hold back bait in the pools so that it rises slightly in the current then wait for the salmon to bite
I recommend that you take a ride, up past Covadonga, on the AS 262, to two glacial lakes located in the Picos de Europa mountains. The café above Lago Enol has a laid back atmosphere; it provides a decent lunch and affords gorgeous views of the mountains.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   For information about fishing guide books, covering Spain, Portugal and France click here: www.spainfishing.com

Europe’s hottest carp lake is found in Morocco

Something on your mind Dan?
buffeted by sand
the tough get goin’
tackle inspection
never lonely
a largemouth Black bass will be added to the pot
gonna be something tasty tonight
great food and good company
Dan’s dream did come true, at Bin el Ouidane lake.

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Spain road trip: 2014-15

Consider this, if you were in the market for a high speed, five door family car with the sound of a supercharger you’d be in the market for a German something.

goes up hills

But that wouldn’t be as much fun as a Land Rover Defender, not the perfect saloon; but what if you’re after a vehicle that will take four adults and a capacious fridge 3′500 miles around Spain on some of its roughest roads, goes up hills (we got lost quite a bit but usually found our way down in time for lunch), picks up 300 kilos of oranges (for no apparent reason therefore bad) and 70 bottles of Ribera wine (for a better reason, to consume on the first weekend home)?

Phil’s vertigo didn’t prevent others from stepping over his body to gain fantastic views from the Salamanca tower
found it!……
………….Garganta Mayor trout fishery in La Vera, east of Plasencia
Trujillo is home to us for Christmas eve and to Pizarro, conqueror of the Aztecs forever

Our preplanned route allowed for spontaneous changes – dependent on our non-map reading abilities.

Christian at Jerez Bodega
35 miles per gallon, at 55 miles per hour on the autopista

The German car would go faster – yes, but you’d probably miss half of the brilliant views (driving at a comfortable speed through Spain) and arrive days ahead and unannounced.

a load of dead bull
fish ponds at Alcazar in Seville

New Year’s Day we left Seville for Segovia

hello Segovia
hello Segovia again
headwaters of Iregua river in La Rioja

From Segovia we drove over mountains, via Soria and Logrono to Pamplona.

Café Iruña, Pamplona
We stayed in San Sebastian, Burgos, Leon, Benavente, Salamanca, Trujillo, Jerez, Ronda, Seville, Segovia and Pamplona. We enoyed our experiences in Caceres, Merida, Zahara la Sierra (puebla blanca near Ronda)

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Sidi Kaouki and Essaouira: Morocco


Essaouiria’s working fishing port
sardines get sorted by hand
leftovers get snapped up
Amin’s surfing shop in Essaouiria’s souk
Sidi Kaouki beach
this morning’s catch from Sidi Kaouki beach
preparing lunch at…..
…. Cafe Achkio by Sidi kaouki beachfront
havin’ a go
the view from ‘Sidi Kaouki Beach Hostel’ never changes

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Fly fishing and traveling through Leon – northern central Spain

León city is found 837 metres (2,746 ft) above sea level in northern central Spain. It takes less than forty minutes  by car or public bus to ascend to the finest brown trout fisheries located just a little higher up in the Cordillera.

Torio River, northern central Spain.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Our account is an amalgam of two separate trips made to León province. The sketch map shown at bottom of this page depicts the route of our Christmas 2014 day trip, departing north from León along the LE 311 road that guides us along the Torio River valley – and past the free fishing reserve at Pedrún that I had fished one previous September.
A brown trout falls to a brown dry fly lure cast to the boulders by the far bank in a deeper glide.
It’s a biggie
After enjoying lunch at Restaurante Les Portillas in Matallana we continued to drive north along the LE 311 road, which edges hard up against vertical canyon walls for 7km through Las Hoces.
Felmín fishing reserve is located in Las Hoces and where the very best fly fishing conditions occur from middle of May until the end of June. Bigger fish exist in the deeper pools, located towards the end of the river section.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Keep an eye out for cows en route and enjoy the wonderful mountain views – you’re driving at 1,382 metres altitude (4,000 feet)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The nearby village of La Vecilla is famous, even amongst Japan’s anglers, for rearing cockerels whose feathers (pluma de Gallo de León) are used in the creation of Spain’s finest fly fishing lures..
These special lures can be purchased from Jose Cenador’s tackle shop in León city centre: S.M. Cenador, Avd Gran Via de San Marcos, 53 Bajo 24011 León.
Loads of good stuff is found in León.
Doing good stuff makes you thirsty
Our day trip saw us driving north from León on LE 311 past Felmín then east and south again towards Le Vecilla then west on C 626 before returning via LE 311 to León

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A fishing round-up from Poland, 2018

Piotr of a thousand casts, lands – and safely returns, a fish in a thousand. An eight kilos zander, from the Wistula River at Pulawy
A killer lure, on its day, on Poland’s rivers.
Black Peter’s six kilos pike, caught from the Bug River in east Poland.
Phil on the Wistula River, at Pulawy in January 2017.
Farmed pike for sale in Carrefour, Pulawy. Approximately 10 kilos.
A brown trout, caught from the Bystra River in south east Poland
A jack pike, caught from the Bug River, on the border with Belarus, in east Poland
Marek lands a specimen aspe, August 2018

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Fishing the Vistula River at Puławy, in Poland (October, 2017)

First asp of the morning
Jacenty casts a 5 gram Mepps spinning lure
…………… just reward, a Vistula River monster
Getting bigger all the time
Asp come in different colours; this one, a mixture of silver and sand
A healthy pike, caught and safely returned. Quite a plump specimen, approximately 3-4 kilos.
Our fishing took place in environs of Pulawy’s delightful old bridge. I would describe fishing the Vistula River as  challenging, due to its huge scale; but, on its day, very rewarding. We fished all day with lures e.g. 5 gram Mepps spinners, or small wobblers. Using 3 kilo wire traces in side channels, where pike lay up. Or, straight to main line in the big channel.

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