Spain road trip: 2014-15

Consider this, if you were in the market for a high speed, five door family car with the sound of a supercharger you’d be in the market for a German something.

goes up hills

But that wouldn’t be as much fun as a Land Rover Defender, not the perfect saloon; but what if you’re after a vehicle that will take four adults and a capacious fridge 3′500 miles around Spain on some of its roughest roads, goes up hills (we got lost quite a bit but usually found our way down in time for lunch), picks up 300 kilos of oranges (for no apparent reason therefore bad) and 70 bottles of Ribera wine (for a better reason, to consume on the first weekend home)?

Phil’s vertigo didn’t prevent others from stepping over his body to gain fantastic views from the Salamanca tower
found it!……
………….Garganta Mayor trout fishery in La Vera, east of Plasencia
Trujillo is home to us for Christmas eve and to Pizarro, conqueror of the Aztecs forever

Our preplanned route allowed for spontaneous changes – dependent on our non-map reading abilities.

Christian at Jerez Bodega
35 miles per gallon, at 55 miles per hour on the autopista

The German car would go faster – yes, but you’d probably miss half of the brilliant views (driving at a comfortable speed through Spain) and arrive days ahead and unannounced.

a load of dead bull
fish ponds at Alcazar in Seville

New Year’s Day we left Seville for Segovia

hello Segovia
hello Segovia again
headwaters of Iregua river in La Rioja

From Segovia we drove over mountains, via Soria and Logrono to Pamplona.

Café Iruña, Pamplona
We stayed in San Sebastian, Burgos, Leon, Benavente, Salamanca, Trujillo, Jerez, Ronda, Seville, Segovia and Pamplona. We enoyed our experiences in Caceres, Merida, Zahara la Sierra (puebla blanca near Ronda)

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