A round-up from Poland, January 2018

Piotr of a thousand casts, lands – and safely returns, a fish in a thousand. An eight kilos zander, from the Wistula River at Pulawy
A killer lure, on its day, on Poland’s rivers.
Black Peter’s six kilos pike, caught from the Bug River in east Poland.
Phil on the Wistula River, at Pulawy in January 2017.
Farmed pike for sale in Carrefour, Pulawy. Approximately 10 kilos.
A brown trout, caught from the Bystra River in south east Poland
A jack pike, caught from the Bug River in east Poland

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Fishing the Vistula River at Puławy (October, 2017)

First asp of the morning
Jacenty casts a 5 gram Mepps spinning lure
…………… just reward, a Vistula River monster
Getting bigger all the time
Asp come in different colours; this one, a mixture of silver and sand
A healthy pike, caught and safely returned. Quite a plump specimen, approximately 3-4 kilos.
Our fishing took place in environs of Pulawy’s delightful old bridge. I would describe fishing the Vistula River as  challenging, due to its huge scale; but, on its day, very rewarding. We fished all day with lures e.g. 5 gram Mepps spinners, or small wobblers. Using 3 kilo wire traces in side channels, where pike lay up. Or, straight to main line in the big channel.


Babie lato (Indian summer)

Włodek; bemused, by low water level: this morning on the Chodeck River, at Majdan Boworoska: where it’s expected to be…
…..no kill, free fishing (never guaranteed).
…………Ruda Maciejowska? We do.
on the move
Włodek and Piotr survey same river, new location.
The water wheel pool: make your wish.
A pretty perch (okon), lured by a tiny ‘Mepps’. We’ll be back by spring.

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Fishing the Chodelka River; for brown trout, in eastern Poland

Dawn gives way to a mighty deluge; the river rises, but the fish stay deep
Jacin perseveres, through the downpour, and casts to a deep pool



Jacin claims his reward, the first trout of the morning
Piotr strikes into a fish, using a minnow, shallow diving lure
Piotr’s reward, his first trout of the morning
the rain has stopped, we’re drenched; it’s time to pack up, and find a cold beer. Let’s head to Czarny Piotrus bar, the best pizza and sports bar in Pulawy.

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Fishing the Wisła River; at Puławy, in eastern Poland

Phil lovin’ it, fishing the Wisła; by Puławy’s famous old bridge at tea time
A Wels catfish (sum) soon falls to a diving, decoy lure
As dusk falls, shadows pick out the magic of the Wisła
Picking up a few tricks from local expert, Piotr
A zander (sandacz) is attracted by a diving decoy lure…
..to Piotr, as he casts,  again, under Puławy’s new bridge (the longest single span over the Wisła)

Fishing The Bug River on Poland’s border with Belarus

Tricky fishing close to our lodge
Peter avoids a tree further downstream
The magnificent four
Two on the edge
Adrian’s bream catch
For the pot
Setting off on our maiden voyage, we were soon into the swing of things
Encountering a migrant, attempting the Bug River crossing into Poland
Made it! Celebrating with locals, safely ensconced within Poland’s borders
Requesting urgent back up
It soon arrives, plumb vodka
Beaver lodge




Ice fishing in Poland

Poland’s secret winter fishing destinations uncovered – where only locals dare to tread

Maciej drills a hole while Marek enjoys a beer, at a frozen lake in Borowina, south east Poland.
Piotr, making his miniature lure selection
Wlodek prowls the hole
keeping the hole clear is important
ice fishing at Borowina gets results. Maciej with a monster perch
Further ice fishing lures – we switched between lures to attract the fish
ice fishing rods, less than 35 cm long, short enough to jiggle a lure through an ice hole
Phil keeping warm, it’s not a casual pose, the beer bottle is frozen to his glove
straight from the ice hole, a fish for Phil
Phil’s little beauty, a perch
Piotr and Wlodek get ready to fish. Czarny Piotrus pizza bar (Pulawy’s premier sports bar destination)

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