Fly fishing and traveling through Leon – northern central Spain

León city is found 837 metres (2,746 ft) above sea level in northern central Spain. It takes less than forty minutes  by car or public bus to ascend to the finest brown trout fisheries located just a little higher up in the Cordillera.

Torio River, northern central Spain.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Our account is an amalgam of two separate trips made to León province. The sketch map shown at bottom of this page depicts the route of our Christmas 2014 day trip, departing north from León along the LE 311 road that guides us along the Torio River valley – and past the free fishing reserve at Pedrún that I had fished one previous September.
A brown trout falls to a brown dry fly lure cast to the boulders by the far bank in a deeper glide.
It’s a biggie
After enjoying lunch at Restaurante Les Portillas in Matallana we continued to drive north along the LE 311 road, which edges hard up against vertical canyon walls for 7km through Las Hoces.
Felmín fishing reserve is located in Las Hoces and where the very best fly fishing conditions occur from middle of May until the end of June. Bigger fish exist in the deeper pools, located towards the end of the river section.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Keep an eye out for cows en route and enjoy the wonderful mountain views – you’re driving at 1,382 metres altitude (4,000 feet)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The nearby village of La Vecilla is famous, even amongst Japan’s anglers, for rearing cockerels whose feathers (pluma de Gallo de León) are used in the creation of Spain’s finest fly fishing lures..
These special lures can be purchased from Jose Cenador’s tackle shop in León city centre: S.M. Cenador, Avd Gran Via de San Marcos, 53 Bajo 24011 León.
Loads of good stuff is found in León.
Doing good stuff makes you thirsty
Our day trip saw us driving north from León on LE 311 past Felmín then east and south again towards Le Vecilla then west on C 626 before returning via LE 311 to León

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Babie lato (fishing an Indian summer in Poland)

Włodek; bemused, by low water level: this morning on the Chodeck River, at Majdan Boworoska: where it’s expected to be…
… kill, free fishing (never guaranteed).
…………Ruda Maciejowska? We do.
on the move
Włodek and Piotr survey same river, new location.
The water wheel pool: make your wish.
A pretty perch (okon), lured by a tiny ‘Mepps’. We’ll be back by spring.

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