Fishing the Vistula River at Puławy (October, 2017)

First asp of the morning
Jacenty casts a 5 gram Mepps spinning lure
…………… just reward, a Vistula River monster
Getting bigger all the time
Asp come in different colours; this one, a mixture of silver and sand
A healthy pike, caught and safely returned. Quite a plump specimen, approximately 3-4 kilos.
Our fishing took place in environs of Pulawy’s delightful old bridge. I would describe fishing the Vistula River as  challenging, due to its huge scale; but, on its day, very rewarding. We fished all day with lures e.g. 5 gram Mepps spinners, or small wobblers. Using 3 kilo wire traces in side channels, where pike lay up. Or, straight to main line in the big channel.