Babie lato (Indian summer)

Włodek; bemused, by low water level: this morning on the Chodeck River, at Majdan Boworoska: where it’s expected to be…
… kill, free fishing (never guaranteed).
…………Ruda Maciejowska? We do.
on the move
Włodek and Piotr survey same river, new location.
The water wheel pool: make your wish.
A pretty perch (okon), lured by a tiny ‘Mepps’. We’ll be back by spring.

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Fishing the Chodelka River; for brown trout, in eastern Poland

Dawn gives way to a mighty deluge; the river rises, but the fish stay deep
Jacin perseveres, through the downpour, and casts to a deep pool



Jacin claims his reward, the first trout of the morning
Piotr strikes into a fish, using a minnow, shallow diving lure
Piotr’s reward, his first trout of the morning
the rain has stopped, we’re drenched; it’s time to pack up, and find a cold beer. Let’s head to Czarny Piotrus bar, the best pizza and sports bar in Pulawy.

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Fishing the Wisła River; at Puławy, in eastern Poland

Phil lovin’ it, fishing the Wisła; by Puławy’s famous old bridge at tea time
A Wels catfish (sum) soon falls to a diving, decoy lure
As dusk falls, shadows pick out the magic of the Wisła
Picking up a few tricks from local expert, Piotr
A zander (sandacz) is attracted by a diving decoy lure… Piotr, as he casts,  again, under Puławy’s new bridge (the longest single span over the Wisła)