Ice fishing in Poland

Poland’s secret winter fishing destinations uncovered – where only locals dare to tread

Maciej drills a hole while Marek enjoys a beer, at a frozen lake in Borowina, south east Poland.
Piotr, making his miniature lure selection
Wlodek prowls the hole
keeping the hole clear is important
ice fishing at Borowina gets results. Maciej with a monster perch
Further ice fishing lures – we switched between lures to attract the fish
ice fishing rods, less than 35 cm long, short enough to jiggle a lure through an ice hole
Phil keeping warm, it’s not a casual pose, the beer bottle is frozen to his glove
straight from the ice hole, a fish for Phil
Phil’s little beauty, a perch
Piotr and Wlodek get ready to fish. Czarny Piotrus pizza bar (Pulawy’s premier sports bar destination)

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