Salmon fishing in Asturias, northern Spain

Free fishing section of Cares Deva River
Hook bait for salmon fishing comprising two common garden earthworms tipped with a cooked prawn
Free fishing salmon and trout stretch of Sella River just upstream from Cano
We stayed at Hotel La Salmonera in Cano and noticed this lucky angler
Bodega Del Dobra restaurant is situated a few kilometres north of Caño. Barnado the proprietor poured a bottle of ‘sidre’ (local cider) from above his head into my small glass to create a natural fizz that I knocked back in fifteen small measures
Wide, shallow glides, In the vicinity of Arriondas, afford ample room to wade and cast a fly to the many small trout, my fishing buddy John managed to attract one small brown trout in the current on a Mepps number two spinning lure. A ‘chucharilla’ (large spoon lure) will hold its own in faster, shallow runs.
The most famous landmark on the Sella River is a large weir with a fish ladder, called an ‘escala’, that’s located opposite Hotel la Salmonera in Caño, it’s signposted “Estacion de Desove de Salmones” (salmon spawning station)
A selection of fly lures used to catch trout and sea trout in Asturias
The correct bait fishing method is to hold back bait in the pools so that it rises slightly in the current then wait for the salmon to bite
I recommend that you take a ride, up past Covadonga, on the AS 262, to two glacial lakes located in the Picos de Europa mountains. The café above Lago Enol has a laid back atmosphere; it provides a decent lunch and affords gorgeous views of the mountains.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   For information about fishing guide books, covering Spain, Portugal and France click here:

The cradle of flamenco: Andalusia in Spain

Bar La Cinta in Triana. O.k. that’s the flamenco over with, now on with the rest of the Seville tour.
Patio San Eloy, welcome relief from the powerful sun
a good idea…..
…..for buying beers on the street
fishing takes place under Puente Isabella……
…………………where largemouth Black bass are caught
tickets for the evening’s bullfight
just passing through
stacked odds
here to stay, thanks for the memories
Bar Puente Isabella is the pit stop on the bridge

For information about fishing guide books, covering Spain, Portugal and France click here: