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Information about places to go trout fishing in València

Buscalo May 2006

The most prominent event of 2004 was a severe drought in Eastern Spain. Sections of the River Villahermosa in València province were mainly dry. A study group, sponsored by the fisheries agency (Servicio Territorial de Caza y Pesca de la Generalitat), has taken the opportunity to make this river a control case to examine over the next few years the process of re-colonisation and stability of native brown trout populations in Valèncian rivers. Their research will help provide anglers with information about places to go trout fishing in València.

Over the past two decades there has been a gradual but significant decline in the population of wild brown trout in València province. So that today (2006) practically no fish remain in previously abundant rivers like the Turia, Mijares and Sot. In 2006 the native brown trout population was found exclusively in the Ebrón, Vallanca, Palancia and Villahermosa Rivers. And this presented the best information about places to go trout fishing in València at the time.

The causes of decline, although easy to identify are not unique to València. They lie in local water management practices and management of fish habitats.

There are still plenty of places to go trout fishing in València

At El Tablazo, there is a fishing reserve (sign posted “Reservado de Pesca”) situated on the River Jucar. It contains trout to 4kg and provides 8,000 sq metres of stock lake next to a hotel.  Any type of fishing is allowed including baits and floats. But it’s a great place to practice fly-fishing because of the various conditions the lake has to offer.

A river enters via a waterfall at one end of the lake and flows out at the other end. Three floating barrages are provided for anglers. As well as: a central island for casting into the current. There are deep holes, and weedy zones. Orange streamers (a feather lure that imitates a bait fish) work well.

This popular angling destination is best visited during the week to avoid crowds. In general October until March there are far less visitors about. Catching a large tagged trout, that the authorities stock at the lake during low fishing season will secure a prize e.g. one day’s free angling.

Two tier system. a) Pesca Muerte (bagging up) – 9 euros per day including 1st kilo of trout caught. Thereafter 4.8 euros for every extra kilo of trout bagged. b) Pesca Sin Muerte (catch and release). 15 euros: per day.

Directions:  a 3-hour’s drive 200km west of València.  From: Cuenca head north 20km CM2105 to Villalba de la Sierra. Address: El Tablazo, Camino de la Noria, s/n. Villalba de la Sierra (Cuenca). Tel: and fax, 969 28 14 88.

Purchase your trout fishing licence at: Delegación Provincial de Medio Ambiente de, Cuenca: tel, 969.17.83.00. Minimum age is fourteen years, minors up to eighteen years must seek permission from an adult. Over sixty fives qualify for a free licence.

For further information about places to go trout fishing in València visit:

Closer to home, why not visit the River Serpis at L’Orxa, this is a Coto de Pesca Sin Muerte (catch and release fishing reserve) and contains rainbow trout and barbel. It is stocked eight times each fishing season by the Sociedad de Pescadores Deportivos de Alcoy.

It is a small river with a lot of clear deep pools. Bigger fish, up to 40cm in length, are caught downstream of the azud (waterwheel). Mondays, Thursdays and Friday it’s pesca sin muerte (catch and release): weekends have a 6-bag limit.  21cm minimum size.

The water quality and level is good upstream by Alcoy thanks to the contribution of tributaries like the River Algar. Below the presa (dam wall) it’s ok and not affected unduly by releases from the embalse (reservoir). Although after a day’s wading the channel mud on your boots, washed downstream from the reservoir’s sediment will stink a bit.   Day tickets: Bar del Polideportivo in L’Orxa, from as little as 3€.

Anglers can purchase a fishing licence from:

Delegacion de Agricultura y Medio Ambiente
Edificio Prop, c/Churruca, 29
03003 Alicante
Tel: 963 86 62 59/963 86 60 00

In general, the trout fishing season runs from March until September but can extends into September and early October for catch and release areas.

A free booklet is available when purchasing your fishing licence from the environment office (Medio Ambiente). You should ask  for the Temporada de Pesca Fluvial booklet. It is reprinted each season and contains up to date rules and regulations for where you want to fish.

Tackle – 8-9’ rod.  Line #3 up to #7. For rivers with dense bank-side cover shorter rods will be suitable.  Line #3 -#5. Fishing the large embalses will require a longer rod for better control. 9’ – 9 ½ ‘.  Line #6 or #7.

To catch trout on the surface or in shallow water select a dry fly. The fly lure that gets most use by Spanish trout anglers is the tricópteros, a sedge type.  

Phil’s tip - Spanish anglers often prefer to fish for the table. Therefore by choosing to fish in catch and release areas (sign posted “pesca sin muerte”), you can secure a top class fly- fishing venue in a stunning location all to yourself.

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