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Information about places to go fishing in China

Beijing used to be my home. It's a concrete jungle and it resembles Stratford East on steroids (home to the 2012 London Olympics). Within its confines there can be found small green oasis of public parks that do contain places to go fishing in China. These are often artificial stock ponds where you turn up and hire rod, bait then enjoy a cold beer with friends while landing carp averaging two kilos. Kids love learning to fish here because there's virtually no challenge to bagging up. Fishing in China is good fun.

Grass carp are the most favored dish in nearly every Beijing restaurant and you can order one off the menu. It has less bones than other carp species, which makes it easier to consume especially when washed down with Chinese whiskey called baijou. There is often a restaurant sited by a place to go fishing in China and they are very happy to cook your catch on your behalf, carp have been eaten by Chinese over millennia.

Beijing's canals offer more natural fishing settings. In 2006 many channels were dredged: decimated fish food resources like algae and crustaceans are starting to thrive again, the fishing will improve steadily over time.

The canals, around Sanlitun embassy district, located to the east of the second ring road, were given a spruce up immediately before the 2008 Olympics, the water is oxygenated using pumps and many fishermen are attracted to its banks. Fishing the canal, using a light pole and bait paste local anglers prefer to catch mostly small, golden fish called Crucian carp.

Further afield, places to go fishing in China include the scenic, forested countryside surrounding the city of Changchun located in northeast China (famous for its very, very cold winters)  presents numerous promising fishing opportunities during the temperate summer months. 

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