Jiankou Great Wall Trout Fishing Ponds: Beijing, China

A Chinese tourist brochure describes this fishing area as follows.”This area is the famous trout breeding center in Beijing. The ponds, linked to each other, are quietly located in a valley at the foot of the mountains. On the top of the mountain, you can see the ruined section of the Jiankou Great Wall snaking on its range. Rainbows inhabit both lakes and streams.”
“The water of the trout ponds here comes from the streams of the mountain. Rainbow Trout like colder running water temperatures. There are two kinds of trout – stocked trout and native trout. The fish are stocked trout. You will get a simple fishing rod with fishing line, baits (worms, minnows and meal-worms). Fishing for the stocked trout is more of entertainment than professional fishing.”
“All the ponds are full of trout! Don’t stand by the shore! Let’s start fishing!
When you catch one or two trout, the local people will weigh the fish. We will pay for the fish and get the fish either roasted and sliced raw for your lunch – yummy!
I had trouble hooking a fish with a baited hook so I jigged the naked hook up and down and caught a fish this way.
Expert chefs will barbecue the fish in front of you. If you are bold enough, you may try a hand-on experience of the barbecuing. Beside the trout dish, you will have the chance to try many local varieties of foods and wild leafy vegetables. After lunch, do a little hiking and stay at a local farmhouse for the night.”
Stock trout are bred in two colours, brown and yellow. They taste the same.

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