Coarse Fishing in Spain by Philip Pembroke

Information about coarse fishing  in Spain by James Holgate

Over the past few years, Spain has figured highly on the radar of many predator anglers in the UK, but this focus of interest has been due almost wholly to the huge catfish of a certain river in the north east of the country. However, this valuable book by Phil Pembroke will certainly inspire many adventurous anglers visiting Spain wishing to broaden their horizons and explore the kind of fishing the rest of the country has to offer.

Each chapter is devoted to a particular region of Spain, so whether you want to go after catfish in Catalonia or carp in Castilla, there are details aplenty of venues you can fish, their location, size and what they contain. From long experience of Spanish bureaucracy, the details of how permits may be obtained in each region and the local peculiarities of rules and regulations in obtaining them will be of particular value.

As you might expect, the Ebro does get a great deal of attention in the book with a fairly accurate assessment of the River throughout most of its length. Admittedly, many of the venues in much of the book seem to contain an awful lot of carp, but this is partly offset by the fact that the barbel at least can be quite predatory. Black bass are fairly well distributed, too, and as we have learnt in recent years, even the pike can be a worthwhile quarry in some of the bigger, deeper lakes, and more surprisingly, rivers.

Apart from the out and out hunter of big fish, the book will also be of value to anyone going on a family holiday to one of the Costas who wants to slip in a bit of fishing closeby. This 180-page book will very likely save the cost of purchase price in wasted petrol when exploring these waters yourself.

James Holgate
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