Coarse Fishing in Spain by Philip Pembroke

Newspaper stories about fishing in Spain

As a published writer I have contributed many newspaper stories, about fishing in Spain, for three English language publications based on the Spanish Costa resorts. I have included many here, click on the topic you're interested in.

Fishing holidays in Spain

Fishing Spain’s artificial lakes

Spain's unwelcome fish guests

Trout fishing in Valencia region

Where to begin fishing in Spain?

Autumn is a great time to begin fishing in Spain

The River Ebro is Spain's mightiest waterway

Wild trout and barbel share the same Spanish rivers

American style freshwater Black bass fishing and a recipe

Get fitter by fly fishing for trout in Spain

Match fishing in Spain

Fishing around Madrid

Different Types of Fishing

Fishing for sea bass in Spain                  

The River Ebro is the lifeblood of the people 

Where are the whoppers in Spain?

Salmon fishing in Asturias is great fun   

Big carp fishing in Spain

Fly fishing is a tradition in Northern Spain

Fishing an artificial lake in Spain

Restocking of trout in Spain’s rivers, is it required?

Mako and Blue Fin shark fishing in Spanish waters

Fly fishing for trout in León and Benavente – Central Spain















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