Fishing the Chodelka River; for brown trout, in eastern Poland

Dawn gives way to a mighty deluge; the river rises, but the fish stay deep
Jacin perseveres, through the downpour, and casts to a deep pool



Jacin claims his reward, the first trout of the morning
Piotr strikes into a fish, using a minnow, shallow diving lure
Piotr’s reward, his first trout of the morning
the rain has stopped, we’re drenched; it’s time to pack up, and find a cold beer. Let’s head to Czarny Piotrus bar, the best pizza and sports bar in Pulawy.

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Philip Pembroke

My name is Phil Pembroke and I write fishing guide books - covering fly, sea and coarse fishing for Spain, France and Portugal. Nothing compares to ordering a pint of Guiness - a favourite drink, in my local Romford bar and nothing compares to a two week holiday spent fishing for carp at my local lake in Dagenham, East London. But the quest continues, to organise more fishing downtime. Fishing Bin El Ouidane lake in Morocco for virgin carp, with friends in 2007 was a wonderful experience. Ice fishing in Poland in 2017 was chilling. I have spent time fishing for Bighead carp in north east China in 2010 and drunk the local whiskey. 2017 is the Chinese year of the Rooster (Gōngjī), the ultimate auspicious symbol signifying luck, romance and personality. May the celestial rooster bring good luck to anglers everywhere they chose to cast a line. My blog has stories from near and far about fishing and travel, plus a few surprises. my website has free fishing maps for all regions of Spain, and a lot of free information about fishing in western and central Europe, Morocco and China: You can get in touch here:

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