Europe’s hottest carp lake is found in Morocco

Something on your mind Dan?
buffeted by sand
the tough get goin’
tackle inspection
never lonely
a largemouth Black bass will be added to the pot
gonna be something tasty tonight
great food and good company
Dan’s dream did come true, at Bin el Ouidane lake.

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Sidi Kaouki and Essaouira: Morocco


Essaouiria’s working fishing port
sardines get sorted by hand
leftovers get snapped up
Amin’s surfing shop in Essaouiria’s souk
Sidi Kaouki beach
this morning’s catch from Sidi Kaouki beach
preparing lunch at…..
…. Cafe Achkio by Sidi kaouki beachfront
havin’ a go
the view from ‘Sidi Kaouki Beach Hostel’ never changes

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